Frequently asked moving question.

How many hours are included in the flat rate?

We do not operate on an hourly pricing, offering instead an all-inclusive flat rate tailored for your move.

How accurate is the moving estimate?

We have a high accuracy pricing, we guarantee that you will get the best price.

Can you move me cross country or to another country?

Yes, we offer both Long Distance and International moving services.

How How big are your trucks?

Our trucks and vans come in a variety of sizes. From 15ft trucks to medium-sized 26ft trucks, all the way to 18 wheeler trailers.

Do I need an estimate?

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Who should i call if i have any problem?

You can contact us directly to our phone number, through our email or contact form.

How many movers will you be sending?

It all depend on your move size and requirements. All moves are different and require special attention that's why all our move are customized to each client.

Can I pack liquids and food?

For Long Distance moves, food is not allowed due to state regulations. For Local Moves, food and liquids should be the last thing to be packed.

Can you arrange the furniture?

Will you uninstall & reintall my electronics and AC unit?

We recommend you either take care of this a day before the move or contact us about our electronic services prior to the move so we can send in our trained specialist to handle the job right.